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Opportunities for Career Development

With HAECO, you’ll have the opportunity to grow your expertise and make the most of your talents. We offer a range of world-class training programmes including technical, management, language and soft-skills where you can learn from the industry’s best, pick up new skills and experience professional development that never stops.

Happy Employees

“Happy Employees” is one of the HAECO’s management values where we takes our employees’ need and feelings into account when making any decision. We adopt a people-oriented management style by treating our staff well and offering generous staff benefits, stable working environments, sustainable career developments and effective staff communications.

Work-life Balance

HAECO encourages a work-life balance where our Employees’Welfare Society and Young member club actively organise various sports and recreational activities and participate in competitive events, including but not limited to the Pedal Kart GRAND PRIX and the Dragon Boat Races. We also strikes for making HAECO a better place to work, at the same time to reward the hard work and contribution made by our employees. We have a number of various activity groups to encourage our staff to participate voluntarily and at their leisure.

Stable working environment

HAECO provides stable working environment and regular shift pattern to enable our employee enjoying their personal life.

Sustainable Development

At HAECO, sustainable development has been key to driving our business. We have continually led our sector over the past six decades. We are committed to running and growing our business with a view of minimising its impact on the environment and maintaining a good relationship with the community in which we operate. We strive to excel in our corporate citizenship by establishing, implementing and maintaining corporate governance with high standards of ethics.

Our Various Functions

Airframe Services

Line Services

Airframe Services

Join us here and you’ll be helping us deliver a comprehensive range of packages, including aircraft component overhaul support and AOG/aircraft recovery service.
One of the most technologically advanced in Asia, our heavy maintenance facility consists of three hangars, supported by various workshops, test laboratories, storage facilities, as well as office and administration buildings. It also has five equipped paint bays, which meet international environmental specifications.

Component Repairs & Overhaul

Technical Services

Planning & Production Control

Inventory Management

Technical Training

Support Functions

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