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Safety first

Safety is our indisputable top priority. We never compromise safety and we believe we can “do things right” by always putting safety, quality and compliance ahead of any other consideration. We regularly review safety policies and procedures to ensure its relevancy and practicality.

Team work

At HAECO, team work is the heart of aircraft engineering. We work as a team towards a common goal, i.e. ensuring aircraft safety. We seek people who value teamwork and believe that teamwork will bring higher achievement overall.

Can-Do Spirit

We praise people who are self-motivated with positive thinking and courage to get things done to the best of their abilities.

Enthusiasm & Energetic

We look for people who always exhibit a high level of dedication and have a clear vision of the goal. At HAECO, we are keen to have people who lives fully and enjoys every moment of their job.


At HAECO, our team members are optimistic and are willing to take new challenges. Our people are energetic, persistent and determined.

Drive for excellence

Striving for excellence is an important part of professionalism in our job. Therefore, we put quality into everything we do.

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