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Learning & Development

HAECO offers a wide range of training programmes which are designed to give you the foundation you need for a bright career in aircraft engineering or management. Consisting of a range of technical and non-technical courses, they cover basic industry knowledge, on-the-job as well as computer-based training.

The curriculum in our technical courses will cover:

Induction training
Generic engineering and aircraft engineering knowledge
Maintenance and overhaul practices and task orientated training
Aircraft type familiarisation and maintenance courses for engineers
HKAR-147, EASA Part-147 & SAR-147 approved training and examinations
Practical on-the-job training for various aircraft types
Human factors training

Non-technical courses will cover:

Orientation training
English training covering basic technical language and more enhanced courses working towards the HKAR-66 licence
Supervisory training, instructing, coaching and team-building training
Effective management programme

Trainee Programmes Offered

We offer several training programmes, ranging from one to three years, to help you make the most of your potential. Through on the job and the formal training, you will acquire the knowledge, practical skills and soft skills to become a skilled tradesperson, technician, engineer or future leaders.

Aircraft Engineering Licence Trainee
Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic Trainee (Registered Apprentice Scheme)
Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic Trainee (1-Year Scheme)

Staff Recognition

HAECO established a range of staff awards / recognition to appreciate our employees’ tremendous support and contributions towards the Company.

Best C- Fu Award

The best C-Fu are elected by the colleagues in the relevant department in order to recognize the C-Fu with the quality of having open attitude, impartiality and good communication skills; giving appropriate feedback to trainees; promoting safety; and willing to share, etc.

Customer Service Award

In recognition of the outstanding services of the staff, there are CSA Ceremonies in which awards are presented to the staff nominated by the customers.

Long Service Award

In appreciation of the long and loyal service of the staff, the Company will present service awards to staff when they achieve the required numbers of completed years of service.

Model Driver Award

Aims to promote safe driving culture and reward the drivers for their outstanding performance in driving safety.

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