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    How long will it take after submission of job application to receive a response?
    A. We will contact you as soon as possible if there is further interest in your candidacy. Due to the high volume of application we may receive at the same time, it normally takes 4-6 weeks before you hearing from us. Those who are not being invited for interview within 6 weeks may assume their applications unsuccessful.
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    My background is not engineering-based. Can I still apply?
    A. Depends on the position you are going to apply. It is not a must that you have education or experience related to engineering if you are applying for an entry level position, we will evaluate you from different aspects to see how well you match with our company and your career aspiration. However, certain positions require relevant work experience, academic qualifications or professional licence attained. Therefore, please refer to the job specifications of the position that you are going to apply.
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    Can I submit more than one application at the same time?
    A. Yes, however we recommend you to apply for the one you like the most.
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    Can I apply the position if I am not a citizen of Hong Kong?
    A. You can apply for the position you are interested in if you are eligible to work in Hong Kong with HKID card or valid working permit. Under certain circumstances, we may consider to grant work permit for the selected candidate.
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    How do I know if I have successfully submitted a job application?
    A. You will receive a confirmation to your e-mail account after online submission. Be sure to check your junk mail if you do not receive it.
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    Does HAECO offer training to staff?
    A. HAECO encourages the continuous development of staff, so we do offer training programme to the staff who have to perform task with specific knowledge and skills. You can refer to this link for the training we offered.
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    Can I enjoy the Swire staff benefits if I am a HAECO staff?
    A. Since HAECO is a member of the Swire Group, our staff can enjoy some of the Swire staff benefits. For more details, please consult with our Human Resources colleagues during your interview.
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    I have applied a job before and was being rejected, can I re-apply for the same position?
    A. You are welcome to re-apply the same position after 6 months from your date of interview. You will need to re-submit your application as well as going through the selection process.

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